ITScout is a powerful boutique recruitment firm for people and companies in the Tech Industry. Our high performance team is prepared to recruit talent with experience in the most required technologies.  With our focus on enabling long-term relationships, we can help you make a hire only 15 days after the vacancy opens.

IT Scout Recruiting

We not only throw resumes at you. We understand your needs and take care of your time. We search for the ideal candidates, assess and evaluate them to finally connect them with you, and we keep both of you updated during the whole process.

IT Scout Academy

We have dedicated ourselves to headhunting senior IT talent worldwide for years. That’s why we love to mentor IT Sourcers and IT Talent Acquisition Specialists on the most important concepts and the “know how” of the recruiting industry. We offer entry-level courses and expert-level masterclasses.

IT Scout Partnership

Meet a true ally for your business. Your company might need a complete tech team but can’t afford having an IT Talent Acquisition Specialist in your structure. It might be your company’s first time recruiting abroad and you just can’t understand where to start, how to do it or why devs are not answering your messages.

We are updated on the latest market trends to help you know what to expect and fill your vacancy ASAP. Our services include:

  • Technical assessments (coding challenges, live coding, code reviews, and/or technical interviews).
  • Resourcing consultancy (advice on the ideal resources for your projects).
  • Background checks.
  • Assistance on making your interviewing processes more efficient.
  • Market mapping.


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