IT Scout


What we do

We do senior IT talent headhunting worldwide



What IT profiles and technologies do you usually recruit?

We have extensive experience with a broad range of IT roles and technologies. We mostly recruit roles like Backend, Frontend (web and mobile) and Fullstack developer, UX/UI Designer, DevOps, QA Engineers (manual and automation), Tech Lead, Software Architect, Development Manager, Data Scientist, Data Platform Engineer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Blockchain developer and IT Recruiter. 

Related to technologies we usually work with the most used. Just to name a few: Solidity, Java, Python, Django, Node, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Vue.js, Angular, AWS, React Native, iOS, Android, Kotlin, Express.js, Scala, Flutter, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgre, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Figma, Kubernetes, Bootstrap, Appium, Celery, Apache, Docker, Postman. Name it and we have surely done it! Otherwise, we like the challenge of finding the unicorn you are looking for.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with different kinds of companies, most of them startups in the US. We collaborate with product companies as well as IT recruiting, software development and staffing companies.

Beyond the industry, we love to work with dynamic companies who value quality and talent and are open to think out of the box to reach their goals

How do you find candidates?

We use our own candidate database (built for years!), professional and social networks, and of course our secret hacks. We continuously train our teams  with the latest technologies’ trends, methodologies and -most important- how to build quality relationships with candidates. All of this helps understanding what are the candidates interests and how to successfully walk them through the recruiting process.

Why should my company work with IT Scout?

We are a recruitment boutique, an alternative to the massiveness of large recruiting firms that may end up considering their clients and candidates as just another number.

We are guided by people-centered design, we are responsive to market trends and we are constantly open to internal and external feedback in pursuit of continuous improvement.

At IT Scout we accompany our clients and candidates with a personalized service, tailored to their needs.


Where can I see your openings? What kind of offers can I find?

You can see our openings here: https://itscout.breezy.hr/ and apply with only a couple of clicks. You can also send your resume to joinus@itscout.tech (even if at the moment you don’t find an offer that matches your profile).

Most of our opportunities are 100% remote, long-term positions. The payments are usually in USD, EUROS or Crypto.

Do I meet your requirements?

The mandatory and optional requirements will vary on each job description but we usually target candidates living in LATAM, with 4+ years of professional experience, knowledge in agile methodologies, and a fluent level of English who are interested in working 100% remotely for US companies.

How is the selection process?

Again, it will vary according to the client and the specific position you’re applying for, but it’s usually like this:

  • Starts with a screening interview by one of our Talent Acquisition team members.
  • You’ll then have a technical interview (with IT Scout or the client)
  • Finally, it will end with a managerial interview with the client.

There can sometimes be additional steps in between, such as:

  • A 2 min video questionnaire.
  • An HR interview with the client.
  • A technical challenge (to replace or shorten the tech interview).

Don’t worry, we always advise our clients to keep their selection processes aligned with the market trends: short and effective, to avoid losing valuable time both for employers and candidates.

Will IT Scout hire me?

We offer IT Recruitment services, which means that we search for ideal candidates, assess and evaluate them to finally connect them with our clients, who will ultimately choose the candidate that fits their needs. The employment relationship will be directly between you and the client.